About Us


Today we are over 100 members strong.

 The first function of our organization was a cruise night held at Milford Village Shopping Center on April 22, 1989. Our first "Jamboree" was held June 29-July 1, 1990 at the Delaware State Fairgrounds with 269 registered vehicles. All in all it was a good time and our Friday Night Kick-off Party has become a tradition. Our consecutive Jamborees continued to be great successes and the number of show cars registered has grown. Monies collected from spectator admissions and participant fees have been sufficient to ensure our ability to host each future year's jamboree and allowed our non-profit organization to contribute tens of thousands of dollars to local charitable organizations over the years. Our jamborees have been great successes thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, without whom none of this would be possible. Our Club would like to thank its members, friends, volunteers and local businesses for their donation of countless hours of their time and resources to make our show the largest on the Delmarva Peninsula. Also, a round of applause goes to you, the rodders and spectators who make it all worthwhile.   


Our Club Objectives

  To promote interest in the various forms of street rodding as a nonprofit organization. To create good fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the club. To conduct club functions and activities in a manner befitting members of the street rodding sport, and to encourage a better understanding of street rodding as a constructive sport among members of the public, press and law enforcement agencies. To promote safety in driving, automobile maintenance and overall vehicle operations.   




Our Membership Rules:  We have changed our membership rules. You no longer have to own a car to become a member! You can become an associate member without a car. Please see details below. Details on becoming a member of SDSRA are below also. Should you have any questions, please email us here.  

All Members a) must be persons (16) years of age and older, of good character, and in possession of a valid driver's license b) must own a car 30 years or older, or any year pro-street (EXCEPT ASSOCIATE MEMBERS) c) work a minimum of four (4) hours at the June Jamboree d) commit to a committee for the June Jamboree e) attend/participate in a minimum of four (4) club meetings, activities or functions and f) a member, spouse of the member, or immediate family of the member, as covered under the dues paid by the member, are considered together, not individually, toward the requirements of b), c), d) and e).  

Associate Members a) must be sponsored by a Member (in good standing) and are not required to own a vehicle b) are required to pay dues c) are not eligible to serve as a Board of Director d) do not have voting privileges e) are not eligible for club jackets. They may receive certificates or plaques.  

Dues are $35.00 annually.